Yaowaraj / China Town and a multitude of markets

First hopping off point of our Chao Phraya river cruise was Rajchawong Pier, this is the easiest pier for reaching Yaowaraj – China Town.

This fascinating area is a labyrinth of side streets, markets and stalls, selling everything from fresh fish, fruit and veg to all manner of dried meat and fish, dodgy sex toys, bike wheels, clothing, electrical items – in short anything you could ever want or need!!

Amazing jewellery store . . . so many many shiny things!

Unidentified frying food at some of the many many street food sellers

Neil is a little bewildered by the plethora of colourful tat!

Bags of beads, sequins, buttons and bows. A little girl’s dream!!!

Mobile porn stall! Not entirely sure if David is the stall holder’s name or its target audience. . .  amusingly it is my dad’s name however  . .

Selection of fresh food, from jewel bright pomegranates to a heap of slippery meaty stuff! Might be gizzards, liver, tripe . . who on earth knows!!!!!

Next up – more shots from our whistle stop tour of the river piers.

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