For our first trip of 2021 we start off in the city of Dreaming Spires – the famous university city of Oxford. The city revolves around its prestigious university which was established in the 12th century. The architecture of the 38 colleges in the city’s medieval center led poet Matthew Arnold to nickname it theContinue reading “Oxford”

Shakespearian Stratford

The final stop off on our Southern explorer is the stunning town of Stratford Upon Avon, best known for being the birthplace of our premier playwright Mr William Shakespeare. Stratford is a market town that is full to bursting with stunning Tudor details, some of which would be recognisable to Will himself. Naturally the town,Continue reading “Shakespearian Stratford”

Bayard’s Cove Fort

While in Dartmouth we explored Bayard’s Cove Fort – a Tudor fort, built between 1522 and 1536 which contained heavy guns to protect the town from attack. The significance of the fort’s strategic position can best be seen from the sea as it controls the narrowest point of the channel at the entrance to DartmouthContinue reading “Bayard’s Cove Fort”

Darling Dartmouth

Dartmouth is the next seaside town we’re checking out as we dashed around Devon back in 2020. Dartmouth dates back as far as 1147 and you can still find echoes of its rich history as you explore its streets. It has a long and venerable nautical history and even today Dartmouth is of nautical strategicContinue reading “Darling Dartmouth”