Flickr favourites

As I impatiently fill in the time till our Sicily trip I’ve been reviewing some of my former favourite trips with a trip down my Flickr memory lane!

Just incase you’ve not noticed – I have a tiny bit of a photography obsession . . . .

So of course I have a Flickr account and of course it is full of peeling paint, doors and cats . . .

You can check out my Flickr account (if you haven’t already had your fill of my endless photos) here.

The latest additions are of a recent trip to Whitby and Flamborough head on the East coast.

19764576000_a620ba9945_cHere’s some peeling paint and fishing boats, a favourite combination!

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Here’s another view of the delightful decrepit boat pulled up off the beach on Flamborough Head.


Then it’s over to Whitby for a saunter around the harbour, chips by the sea and the ramshackle back streets thronged with tourists.

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The imposing Abbey looms large over the town, still as ominous as it was in Bram Stokers Dracula.

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And it wouldn’t be a trip to Whitby without a visit to the last kipper smokers in the town. . .sadly it was shut however.


Planning planning!

It’s been a while since I put fingers to keyboard as I’ve been having a break from travelling to look after my lovely mum who’s been in hospital for quite a while.

But she’s home and on the mend now so I can start to plan the next adventure!!

After lots of deliberation we’ve decided to head back to one of our favourite parts of the world – Italy! This time in the guise of the island of Sicily.

Heading first to Palermo we’re then crossing the country to Catania where we’ll be based for a few days to explore the East coast.

Having read a fair bit online about the Mafia and the level of pockpockets and street crime on the island I must admit I’m a little apprehensive, but watch this space!

I’m sure there’ll be plenty to report back in a few weeks . . .