Watching the water taxis

More spectacular views of Lower Manhattan can be seen from the Fulton Landing Pier Fulton Landing Pier it’s perfect place to linger and people watch. As well as being the home of the famous Brooklyn Icecream Factory. Fulton Ferry Landing pier, at the foot of Old Fulton Street, is one of Brooklyn’s most historic sites,Continue reading “Watching the water taxis”

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Moving on from the lovely brownstones of Brooklyn Heights, we’re off to get some of the best views of Manhattan from this side of the East River. Walkers, runners, rollerbladers and sightseers all stroll along the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. It’s one of the best places to check out New York from a distance. Running alongsideContinue reading “Brooklyn Heights Promenade”

Brooklyn Heights

Heading under the river we head to Brooklyn Heights an affluent residential neighborhood within the New York City borough of Brooklyn. Originally referred to as Brooklyn Village, it has been a prominent area of Brooklyn since 1834. The neighborhood is noted for its low-rise architecture and its many brownstone rowhouses, most of them built priorContinue reading “Brooklyn Heights”

Little Italy

Fresh from China Town we head to the neighbouring district of Little Italy. Once known for its large population of Italian Americans today the evocative neighbourhood holds only a handful of Italian stores and restaurants. It has some well known neighbours, to the west by Tribeca and Soho, on the south by Chinatown, on theContinue reading “Little Italy”

Colourful Chinatown

Even though we turned our eyes westward for our honeymoon we can’t quite escape our love of all things Asian. So we’re heading to Chinatown for a snoot around. Manhattan’s Chinatown is home to the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere with an estimated population between 90,000 and 100,000 people and isContinue reading “Colourful Chinatown”

Wealth and Wall Street

Our hotel is not far from the financial quarter including the infamous Wall Street. A worldwide symbol of money, stocks and shares. And thanks to cultural references and films such as the Bonfire of the Vanities, Wall Street’s hideous protagonist Gordon Gecko and the more recent Wolf of Wall Street, it has also come toContinue reading “Wealth and Wall Street”

The Staten Island ferry

Next iconic experience on the New York adventure – the Staten Island ferry! These super distinctive FREE orange ferries trundle their way from Whitehall in Manhattan to the St George terminal on Staten Island. The ferry, which runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, carries over 23 million passengers annually on a 5.2-mileContinue reading “The Staten Island ferry”

Transitions and forward momentum

Onwards with our whistlestop tour of New York’s most famous places. I get excited about the Madison Avenue sign before we spot an unusually attired New Yorker. We’re headed to Grand Central Station which opened to the public in February 1913. This historic world-famous landmark in Midtown Manhattan is not just a transportation hub, there’sContinue reading “Transitions and forward momentum”