Rough seas and windswept sands

Onwards with our tour of the Costa Smeralda coastline and this time we’re treated to the sea at its windswept best. The water has transformed into a boiling, seething mass of navy fury topped with foamy white horses at Cala Liccia. To get to this empty, wind whipped shingle beach we have to do aContinue reading “Rough seas and windswept sands”

Costa S’meralda

We’ve settled into our little hotel – the gorgeous Dolce Vita¬†close to the celeb’s hangout of Porto Cervo. Now we are all set to explore the stunning beaches of the Costa Smeralda, one of the highlights of this gem of an island. Costa Smeralda is around 20km of jaw droppingly stunning beaches and coastline toContinue reading “Costa S’meralda”

Cracking Castlesardo

The enchanting town of Castlesardo clings to the wind battered hillside above a pretty little beach.   With its pastel coloured houses, winding up the hillside it makes another pretty sight. At the very top is the pretty old town, fortified with a castle, which makes for an interesting and atmospheric trip. As the windContinue reading “Cracking Castlesardo”

Abandoned Argentiera

A completely different Sardinian trip this time is to Argentiera. Full of ghostly derelict mining buildings and empty, staring windows. This eerie place is a former mining town and its name comes from the Italian argento -silver. It feels like a former gold rush town in the Mid West. Silver has been mined here sinceContinue reading “Abandoned Argentiera”

Lonely Church

Sometimes you stumble across something amazing, literally in the middle of nowhere and that is the case with the lovely Santissima Trinit√† di Saccargia. On-route from Alghero we spot this stripey marvel from the main road and can’t help but pull over for a closer look. The church is the most important Romanesque site inContinue reading “Lonely Church”

Simply stunning

There’s no other words to describe our next Sardinian hot spot – simply stunning just about covers it. La Pelosa beach (Spiaggia della Pelosa) with its warm shallow turquoise waters and glittering white sands, is a true oasis of wonder. It could easily stand as possibly the best beach I have ever been to, it’sContinue reading “Simply stunning”

Assorted Alghero

Here’s a few final (yellow) snaps of Neptune’s grotto – the photos really don’t do it justice as it’s a fascinating underground fairy tale of a place. If you’ve got a spare couple of hours it is well worth exploring, it’s truly magical. Then it’s back on the boat and heading to Alghero again whichContinue reading “Assorted Alghero”

Neptune’s Grotto

Join us as we descend into the underworld now with a trip to the natural wonder that is Neptune’s grotto. Heading to the protected marine area of Capo Caccia we’re surrounded by incredible cliffs and rock formations, one of which conceals the incredible cave we’re destined for. We took the easy route via boat andContinue reading “Neptune’s Grotto”