Beach day

Final looks at our trip around Thassos and it’s all about the beaches including Glyfoneri. My face may not full convey the delight I am experiencing tbf . . . Then onto Potos for a final snorkle and swimming session for the water baby. Off to check out some fishys! My all action hero 🙂Continue reading “Beach day”

Megalos Prinos

Kazаviti (also knоwn as Megаlοs Prinos) is a quaint mοuntain villаgе in Thassos with trаditiоnal architecture and a sleepy atmosphere. It’s made up οf two neighbоrhοods – Miкrо Kazaviti аnd Меgalο Кazаviti, forming оne village. Cobbled streets and quaint balconied buildings set around a tranquil village square that adds to the sleepy charm of MegalosContinue reading “Megalos Prinos”


The traditional village of Theologos is a beautiful village full of magnificent, but crumbling houses and mansions. Theologos is one of the oldest villages in Thassos and in 1979 it was declared the cultural capital of the island because of its architecture and traditional setting. Because of its heritage status, many people were unable toContinue reading “Theologos”

Cave church and blue water

Meandering back from Aliki quarry and I can’t help but be drawn into the stunning blue waters around the island. All Greek islands have this intense, utterly stunning blue waters that seem almost fake. If only I could bottle that colour, warmth and smell for use on wintery days back in the UK. The localContinue reading “Cave church and blue water”