Literally only colourful cans

We’ve nearly reached the end of our Brittany jaunt. Not many photos left to share. However I seem to have another glut of colourful cans! Enjoy.    

Dans l’oeil d’une Sirene

  While in Pont Croix I was intrigued by a huge, colourful painting on the wall of a church. It had the evocative title of Dans L’oeil d’une Sirene – In the Eye of the Mermaid. This turned out to be one of many sumptuous, marine themed paintings by Jean-Noel Duchemin. His fishy delights wereContinue reading “Dans l’oeil d’une Sirene”

Pointe de la Torche

Next up is a jaunt to Pointe de la Torche – or in Breton – Beg an Dorchenn. Pointe de la Torche is a promontory located at the southeastern end of the Baie d’Audierne in Plomeur. It attracts surfers, body boarders, kitesurfers, wind-surfers, waveskiers and land yachters and has been the site of several championships.Continue reading “Pointe de la Torche”

Fishing tackle and floaty boats

Taking a brief break from the usual holiday fare of piles of food and peeling paint . . Let’s take a look at another of my favourite photographic subjects – fishing tackle! Yes, that’s right, whether it’s nets and buoys, rusty chains or lobster pots,  I love a good furtle around a working harbour! IContinue reading “Fishing tackle and floaty boats”


The next day heralds some rather drizzly grey weather but not to be deterred we head to the nearby town of Plobannalec-Lesconil. This little harbour town happens to be hosting its weekly farmers market. This involves fresh produce and lots of local meats as usual! Whether its mountains of spice, roasting chickens or brightly coloured wovenContinue reading “Plobannalec-Lesconil”

Concluding Concarneau

In my final look back at Concarneau I’ve collected together some snaps of the details that I spotted around this pretty little town. From painted wall plaques to delicately decaying shutters and unique shop signs. Meanwhile the Next male models take a break from filming to take in the atmosphere . . . . ThenContinue reading “Concluding Concarneau”

Colourful cans

Taking a brief pause from street scenes and quaint harbours I just wanted to simply dedicate a post to one of my favourite things that I kept spotting in Brittany – colourful cans! You can find these uniquely branded, vivid tins in Concarneau and other places close by. They are produced by Conserverie Courtin – aContinue reading “Colourful cans”

Concarneau continues

Time for some more snapshots of the pretty harbour town of Concarneau. Meandering around the picturesque old town centre we are enchanted by the shuttered shops. We pause to enjoy sampling some clogs – the man seems to enjoy it just a little too much… Personally I think those wooden clogs look very heavy andContinue reading “Concarneau continues”