Next on our tour of the East coast of Sicily is the town of Syracuse. This historic 2,700-year-old city played a key role in ancient times, when it was one of the major powers of the Mediterranean world. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site due to the amount of stunning buildings. But before we getContinue reading “Syracuse”

In the clouds at Castelmola

While the views from Taormina are spectacular, its tiny cousin Castelmola, 1,800 feet above sea level, offers absolutely stunning ones. Cobblestones, ruined castles and winding alleys almost devoid of tourists, offer a breathing space. Although the sun was beginning to go down, as our little bus trundled up the hill towards the village, you beginContinue reading “In the clouds at Castelmola”

Final taste of Taormina

Here’s a final post about the pretty hillside town of Taormina before we head even further up the mountains to Castelmola. By now the sun is blazing and the narrow streets are congested with tour groups and serious shoppers. But there’s still a unique charm to be found in the meandering lanes and hidden corners.Continue reading “Final taste of Taormina”

Colourful tourist trail

Continuing on our breakneck, incredibly uninformative tour of Taormina now with yet more pictures of stuff that I have photographed!! (It’s no Lonely Planet blog – let’s be honest!) Aside from the multitude of colourful Maiolica pottery there are plenty of other artistic delights to pore over. From art shops and abstract images to tiny tilesContinue reading “Colourful tourist trail”

Ceramics a plenty!

Following on with our waltz around Taormina this entry is simply a riot of colour and pattern. Apologies in advance for the length of this particular post! Ceramics and pottery are in abundance across Sicily but seem to be particularly evident around Taormina. Everywhere you turn there are displays of jewel bright plates, bowls, spoon holders andContinue reading “Ceramics a plenty!”

Cross country to Catania

After a couple of days in Palermo we hop on the train across Sicily to the East coast and the industrial city of Catania. We’re staying four days in the beautiful Ferrini Home Suite in Piazza Trento. Absolutely gorgeous, spotless accommodation with a balcony giving views out over the busy, commercial district. Catania is a large, sprawlingContinue reading “Cross country to Catania”

Villa Garibaldi and La Cala port

Palermo has many public spaces and gardens. One, very close to our B and B is Garibaldi garden, also called Villa Garibaldi. The garden was built between 1861 and 1864 by the architect Giovan Battista Filippo Basile in Piazza Marina in Palermo ‘s historic district of Kalsa. It was dedicated to the national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi to celebrateContinue reading “Villa Garibaldi and La Cala port”

The stuff of nightmares .

Are you sitting comfortable dear readers? Then let me tell you the tale of the most unsettling tourist attraction ever . . The Capucchin  Monk Catacombs in Palermo where around 8,000 mummified and skeletal bodies reside. Apologies for the grainy images. Horrifically for a snap happy manic like myself no photos are allowed in theContinue reading “The stuff of nightmares .”