Animal cake and arcades

You can’t go far in Japan without spotting something utterly adorable like these animal shaped desserts! Whether it’s curry topped with a teddy bear, rabbit eared icecream or a burger with googly eyes, it has to be kawaii!! Another utterly Japanese experience are the incredible, multi story gaming temples such as this rainbow coloured NamcoContinue reading “Animal cake and arcades”

Glico man

Dōtonbori or Dōtombori  is one of the main tourist hotspots in Osaka and is full of highrise neon adverts. It runs along the Dōtonbori canal from Dōtonboribashi Bridge to Nipponbashi Bridge in the Namba district and features the famous Glico man advert. The Glico Man is the oldest neon sign in Osaka. Originally installed inContinue reading “Glico man”

Insane adverts

Onward with our zip around the colourful city of Osaka. Full of adorable plushies, giant squid and all manner of colourful delights.   Osaka is made up of several different districts including the hectic Dōtonbori area. Historically a theatre district, it’s now a popular nightlife and entertainment area with large illuminated billboards and quirky advertising. IContinue reading “Insane adverts”

Robot revolution

Arriving at our Osaka hotel we’re instantly accosted, and smitten by, our little robot concierge. Dancing, bowing, singing Pepper is a cute little plastic poppet! According to his manufacturers Pepper is a human-shaped robot. He is kindly, endearing and surprising. They designed Pepper to be a genuine day-to-day companion, whose number one quality is hisContinue reading “Robot revolution”

Just monkeys

If you don’t like monkeys then move along as this post is utterly devoted to the furry little fleabags. It’s just lots more snaps of the snow monkeys to be found at the monkey park in Arashiyama…. Whether huddled in family groups picking fleas off babies to sitting aloofly in the trees shooting vaguely contemptuousContinue reading “Just monkeys”

Cheeky monkeys

We’re heading to check out some more of Japan’s wildlife now, but instead of deer, this time it’s a more furry type we’re after. We’re heading to the Iwatayama Monkey Park  in Kyoto. On route we enjoy the pretty scenery of Arashiyama including this impressive river complete with little pleasure boats. In order to get toContinue reading “Cheeky monkeys”