Words as art

Lots of the artwork dotted around the East End involves literally spelling out their messages. No one is more the master of this than Eine (Real name Ben Flynn). Eine is most notable for his alphabet lettering on shop shutters in around Shoreditch, Brick Lane and Broad Market areas of the East End. Above is aContinue reading “Words as art”

Art or vandalism?

Banksy is an interesting phenomena. Once classed as a vandal, his art work is now protected from other “vandals” and art collectors!! Here’s two examples of his iconic work. Preserved from tourists and the tender ministrations of other street artists by a sheet of perspex. Above, His Master’s Voice – possibly one of his bestContinue reading “Art or vandalism?”

More art on the streets of London

Moving on from the colourful mash ups on Fashion Street we actually start to be able to recognise the distinctive different styles of some of the artists. Here’s a few examples of an artist identified as Paul “Don” Smith whose work is instantly recognisable. His subjects are as diverse as they are delicate. From the stars ofContinue reading “More art on the streets of London”

East End graffiti art tour

A trip a little bit closer to home was a day out in the East End of London touring some of the colourful multitude of street art to be found in the side streets and back allies. My next few posts are dedicated to some of the colourful, intriguing, controversial and confronting art on display.Continue reading “East End graffiti art tour”

Blue blue bee boxes!

Ok so slightly misleading title, it should be the blue and green bee boxes of Siana but not quite as satisfyingly B worded! Following hot on the heels of my peeling paint extravaganza I give you – peeling paint on bee boxes!! Naturally as soon as I clapped eyes on these colourful little roadside beautiesContinue reading “Blue blue bee boxes!”

Peeling paint

Apart from piles of food and markets, my other favourite photographic subject is, wait for it, peeling, cracking, layered paint!!! Whether it’s a crumbling wall, a decrepit window or a forgotten door, the layers of weathered paint beckon to me. Revealing intricate patterns, cracks and fissures, a multitude of colours and layers of detail. Here’sContinue reading “Peeling paint”

Panormitis monastery

While touring around Symi you will see many churches  devoted to the Archangel Michael. The decorative Greek Orthodox Monastery of Taxiarchis Mihail Panormitis is the most important on the island. The monastery is a large 18th-century Venetian styled building with the highest baroque bell tower in the world. It’s covered in ornate red, yellow and blue detailing,Continue reading “Panormitis monastery”

Sweet little Symi

During our brief jaunt to Rhodes town we took a ferry over to the glorious little island of Symi. Here’s the first views of the colourful little houses clinging to the hillside. As the ferry pulls into Yialos (the main harbour) we get a closer look at the tiers of housing. Mostly in pastel shades butContinue reading “Sweet little Symi”