Faux food and fascinations

Finally back on the blog to carry on charting the epic trip to Japan that we took last year. Still in Tokyo’s Asakusa district we carry on exploring the fascinating back streets full of incredible sights. The man starts off his holiday task of being “stick your head in that” man and poses for aContinue reading “Faux food and fascinations”

Senso-ji Shrine

Asakusa is a wealth of details from the spiritual to the hyper modern. Patterns, colours and nature abound. In a city where there are very few buildings older than 50 years because of the wartime bombing, Asakusa has a greater concentration of buildings from the 1950s and 1960s than most other areas in Tokyo do.Continue reading “Senso-ji Shrine”

Train stations, vended wishes & Asakusa

So after a 19 hour flight we arrive dazed and confused at Japan’s Narita International Airport, hop on a Skyliner Train slap bangĀ into the world’s largest and busiest train stations – Shinjuku. The station was used by an average of 3.64 million people per day in 2007, making it, by far, the world’s busiest transportContinue reading “Train stations, vended wishes & Asakusa”

Brace yourselves . . . IT’S JAPAN

So finally, four months after the event I can finally get around to documenting the most epic trip I’ve ever taken…… JAPAN! We’ve been lucky enough to see some amazing places do far including India, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia to name just a few, but Japan. Now that’s something else! It’s been my one bucketContinue reading “Brace yourselves . . . IT’S JAPAN”

Farewell Brittany

Well folks we’ve come to the end of the whirlwind stomp through the beautiful Brittany. One of the final stops is Audierne, a charming Breton harbour town with bustling quays and historic narrow streets. We’re law abiding folks – if the sign says wait here, then wait we will! This colourful restaurant display catches myContinue reading “Farewell Brittany”