Tunisia 2005

Another random travel experience picked out of the memory hat now – a fantastic trip to Tunisia with a friend I studied with on my journalism MA at Sheffield University way back when . . . This trip has to count as my first ever “exotic” holiday. Everything before this was fairly safe and relativelyContinue reading “Tunisia 2005”

Long weekend in London

Putting aside thoughts of more exotic travel for the time being, we are heading to London over the long April weekend. London is big. And confusing. Like this map that looks like coloured string in a washing machine spin cycle. Being simple country folks based in scenic Derbyshire we do enjoy a trip to theContinue reading “Long weekend in London”

Places to see before you die

Trawling Facebook as I do on occasion, I came across an app titled The Travel List Challenge that invited you to rate how you compared against other people’s travelling history. All keen and excited I decided to take part and see how many sights I had clapped eyes on, confident that I would score prettyContinue reading “Places to see before you die”

Another slide show for your delight!

In celebration of going back to Italy this year I’ve just added another Tripwow slide show covering the three Italian trips I’ve taken over the past five years. There’s Rome, Venice and last year’s multi city extravaganza! TripWow is pretty cool, it’s really easy to use, you just select photos off your Facebook albums, add yourContinue reading “Another slide show for your delight!”