Initiation Wells

The unique architecture of the Quinta de Regaleira combines a wealth of Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish and Renaissance features, however one of its most fascinating features is located beneath the ground – a pair of wells spiralling deep within the earth. The pair of wells, known as the ‘Initiation Wells’ or ‘Inverted Towers’, consist of ‘windingContinue reading “Initiation Wells”

A Quirky Quinta

Trying to top the incredible Pena Palace is pretty much impossible but there are other inspiring, quirky and fascinating places to see in Sintra. Quinta da Regaleria is just one of them. Another whimsical slice of Portuguese real estate! Quinta da Regaleira is an estate located near the historic center of Sintra, Portugal. It isContinue reading “A Quirky Quinta”

Bird’s eye views

Here’s the final batch of Pena Palace photographs. I couldn’t get enough of this magical place. Even though we had a panicked hour when we managed to lose my mother! Lesson learnt – never allow a 65 year old out of your sight, not for a second! For a pensioner she can be remarkably swiftContinue reading “Bird’s eye views”

Fairytale in vivid colour

Here’s lots more colourful pictures taken at the magical Pena Palace in Sintra. From exotic bird of paradise plants to Moorish turrets and a child’s paintbox palette, the palace is a tourists dream. All set against a perfect blue sky we couldn’t have picked a better day to immerse ourselves in the crazy world ofContinue reading “Fairytale in vivid colour”

Fairytale Sintra

Finally we arrive at the town that inspired the entire trip – Sintra! Sintra is known for its many 19th-century Romantic architectural monuments. One of the most eyecatching is the Pena Palace, perched high above the town it is a Disneyesque riot of colour and architectural quirks. We visited on a perfect sunny day, the blueContinue reading “Fairytale Sintra”