City of arts & science

We took a leisurely stroll to see the futuristic City of Arts and Science. There’s plenty to do inside the buildings if you’re feeling flush and have some dosh. But it is equally worthwhile just to wander around the outside of the complex, gawking at the amazing buildings and soaking up the sun. Kids scrambleContinue reading “City of arts & science”

Image of the day – working girl

Here’s my latest image of the day. Taken in the market place in Jodphur again, after a busy few hours in the Clock Tower market place. A bustling, frenetic whirl of humanity, stalls and produce. This little girl just happened to meet my gaze and her carefree grin is at striking odds with the physicalContinue reading “Image of the day – working girl”

Valencia – sun, markets and epic firework displays!

So blog fans, I’m back from five days in sunny Valencia, the lesser known of Spain’s main cities. Crammed full of gorgeous architecture both old and brand spanking new, amazing food markets, botanical gardens, beaches and castles. We stayed at the Hotel Senator Parque Central, a nice, spotlessly clean, if somewhat impersonal, hotel within walkingContinue reading “Valencia – sun, markets and epic firework displays!”

Image of the day – backstreet art

Wall art is just one of the incredible sights I saw in Northern India. From Maharajahs riding horses on pulled down shop shutters to elegant goddesses adorning dirty backstreet walls, every passageway, building, wall and brickwork is adorned with decoration. Udiapur is one of the places with the most prolific artwork. Blue skinned Vishnus stareContinue reading “Image of the day – backstreet art”

Image of the day – monkey love

Today’s image of the day is of this adorable pair of langur monkeys taken in Pushkar. These inquisitive, long tailed creatures are considered holy by Hindus.   They are seen as a symbol of the deity Hanuman whose monkey army rescued Sita from the demon king Ravana.  Hanuman himself suffered burns in the attempt andContinue reading “Image of the day – monkey love”

Images of the day – the potters yard

This adorable group of Bishnoi children in the Thar desert outside of Jodphur were being co-opted into a photo shoot by a very insistent group of snap happy Japanese tourists. The youngest boy was not amused, especially when made to hold a goat . . . The potter still throws his pots in the traditionalContinue reading “Images of the day – the potters yard”