St Ives – as good as being abroad!

St Ives or in Cornish, Porth Ia, meaning St Ia’s cove is a gorgeous slice of coastal loveliness nestled north of Penzance. It’s a big hit with artists due to the quality of the light, and while i don’t usually subscribe to all that gumpf, it does indeed seem to have an especially clear, blueish tingeContinue reading “St Ives – as good as being abroad!”

Skip skip skip to the Looe . . .

Next up on our whizz around the South of the UK is the cute little fishing village of Looe. Looe has one of the largest fishing fleets on the Cornish coast and has a long maritime history. Didn’t have long here, just time to grab a few snaps including this of the most classily namedContinue reading “Skip skip skip to the Looe . . .”

Dancing for Gods and Fallen Heroes

Well that’s it for the Thai reminiscing folks. All the heat and colour is captured,  trapped like insects in amber and laid out for your readerly enjoyment! While I plan the next global jaunt I’ll be taking a random look back at oddities from trips gone by. Here’s one about architectural details . . . .Continue reading “Dancing for Gods and Fallen Heroes”

Long tail Thai boats

One of the prettiest beach spectacles are lines of traditional Thai longtail fishing boats all bobbing in the shallows. Garlanded with colourful flowers to bring the skipper and crew good luck they are a ubiquitous sight on many Thai beaches. Now often used to ferry boatloads of tourists around the islands, these lovely wooden vesselsContinue reading “Long tail Thai boats”

Morality messages or art as shock?

I don’t usually deviate from my usual blog post style of posting lots of lovely photos and creating a visual diary of my travels, more for my own memory aid then anything else to be honest! But I spotted an article today on that bastion of journalistic prowess – the Daily Mail – about aContinue reading “Morality messages or art as shock?”

Snorkeling and freaking at fishes

We quite like the beach, the water, the waves and the sandy stuff. However it all gets a bit more intense when forced to come into close contact with the inhabitants of the big wet sea place! Hence the slightly manic grin on my face here. It is partly due to the rather bumpy / terrifyingContinue reading “Snorkeling and freaking at fishes”