More market malarky

We head deeper into the barely contained chaos that is Palermo’s Capo market. Beset on all sides by jewel bright vegetables, slimy snails and red raw animal heads! Note how the man looks supremely defensive on all the photos with hands securely over any valuables – markets are prime pickpocketing areas so beware. Briefly seekingContinue reading “More market malarky”

La Vucciria

Palermo’s oldest street market is La Vucciria, which translates to ‘voices’ or ‘hubbub’. It’s based in the┬áside streets around Piazza San Domenico and it is Palermo’s most established outdoor market. These days it is a somewhat faded and shrunken version of itself and we didn’t stay long. Just long enough to snap some of theContinue reading “La Vucciria”