Beach day

Final looks at our trip around Thassos and it’s all about the beaches including Glyfoneri.

My face may not full convey the delight I am experiencing tbf . . .

Then onto Potos for a final snorkle and swimming session for the water baby.

Off to check out some fishys! My all action hero 🙂

And just like that, another Greek island is in the bag and we are onto the next adventure, which turns out to be a complete U turn on what we had originally planned!

Thassos town

The largest town on the island is of course Thassos town and it is a bustling little hive of restaurants and shops full of traditional souvenirs.

The town is also called Limenas Thasou – or for short just Limenas.

Thassos town also has a beautiful little beach

As I am constantly on the look out for facilities I am tickled by the signage for these loos!

The town is just a short distance from mainland Greece, where the city of Kavala can be clearly seen, both during the daytime and at the night-time.

It is here that ferries from the mainland bring tourists and locals alike to the island.

We stop for a quick refreshment break with a picture postcard perfect view!

Megalos Prinos

Kazаviti (also knоwn as Megаlοs Prinos) is a quaint mοuntain villаgе in Thassos with trаditiоnal architecture and a sleepy atmosphere.

It’s made up οf two neighbоrhοods – Miкrо Kazaviti аnd Меgalο Кazаviti, forming оne village.

Cobbled streets and quaint balconied buildings set around a tranquil village square that adds to the sleepy charm of Megalos Prinos.


The traditional village of Theologos is a beautiful village full of magnificent, but crumbling houses and mansions.

Theologos is one of the oldest villages in Thassos and in 1979 it was declared the cultural capital of the island because of its architecture and traditional setting.

Because of its heritage status, many people were unable to update or restore their properties, so sadly many are in poor condition.

There’s a tiny folklore museum to explore although it was shut when we arrived.

Theologos means ‘the Theologian’ or ‘the word of God’ and the village hosts a highly popular event in June where they recreate a traditional Thassian wedding which lasts for an entire week!

The first written record of the settlement dates to 1287. The testimony mentioned that the Monastery of Philotheou on Mount Athos had a dependency located where the village stands today.

The dependency was named John the Theologian, which seems to be the origin of the village’s name.

Cave church and blue water

Meandering back from Aliki quarry and I can’t help but be drawn into the stunning blue waters around the island.

All Greek islands have this intense, utterly stunning blue waters that seem almost fake.

If only I could bottle that colour, warmth and smell for use on wintery days back in the UK.

The local architecture is a cute mix of squat whitewashed buildings with slate tiling.

Aliki quarries

After the refreshing dip at Giola lagoon we head to Aliki ancient marble quarry.

They are the partially submerged ruins of a white marble quarry used in ancient Greece for over 1,200 years.

White marble was a sought after commodity in ancient Greece as it was considered purer and more desirable for building temples and monuments.

Most of the white marble was located in the mountains making it hard to extract and transport.

But on the southernmost point of the Aliki peninsula it is plentiful and coastal so it was easier to access by boat.

100s of workers were needed to work the quarries and many were slaves or prisoners.

Marble extraction here began in the 7th century BCE and carried on for over 1,200 years until it was abandoned leaving the other worldly white remains behind.

The marble is incredibly grippy when dry meaning you can walk up steep sections almost vertically like geckos!!

Naturally the husband spots a refreshing looking swimming spot so hot foots it over the rocks to take a dip.

Evidence of the ancient mining works are still visible at the site with numerous semi-finished columns, and giant blocks that can be seen in the quarry and the shallow coastal waters. 

Giola lagoon

Giola lagoon is the next stop on our Thassos sight seeing tour and this gorgeous national swimming spot is a popular place.

Get there early or you will have to fight with scores of Instagrammers!

This beautiful multi coloured pool is fed by the ocean and waves often crash over into the water, swishing away the swimmers.

The lagoon is also known as “Aphrodite’s Tear” in Thassos and is considered one of the world’s most beautiful natural swimming pools

According to Greek mythology, Giola was created by Zeus as a lagoon for his wife Aphrodite to bathe in.

The water is constantly changing from navy to turquoise, royal blue to aquamarine. A stunning kaleidoscope of watery hues.

Mountains and Marble

Today is a day of contrasts. First up we’re heading up Mount Ypsarion.

The green mountain covered with pine trees sets the backdrop for the white sandy island.

The highest peak of the mountain is about 1,208m above sea level and it is very breezy!

Then from the heady heights to the balmy delights of the stunning Marble Beach.

Saliara Beach is a swathe of blindingly white pebbles – so far, so ‘normal’ Greek beach.

But this is no ordinary beach. The millions of tiny white pebbles are actually marble chips.

Thassos is world renowned for its marble and quarries can be found all over the island, including close to the beach.

The marble creates a unique, otherworldly quality to the beach with the sea a milky turquoise colour set against ochre rocks.

The sea is very shallow so its great for paddling and the water is delightfully warm.

It is a dusty and difficult journey to get to Marble Beach and your car will get covered in layers of white dust, plus your suspension won’t thank you for it . . but it is well worth the effort!

Tiny Thassos

September saw us heading to a new Greek island. This time it’s Thassos, not one of the better known islands.

Coming up to the end of the season meant it was quieter which we love ❤️

You just have to take a gamble in the weather holding but it was perfect for the whole week.

Watch this space for exquisite beaches, turquoise waters and excitable husbands.