Palermo Cathedral and surrounds

We head onwards from the market to take a look at some of the main architectural treats that the city has to offer. Below is the Palazzo dei Normanni or the Royal Palace of Palermo. This was the seat of the Kings of Sicily during the Norman domination and served afterwards as the main seat of powerContinue reading “Palermo Cathedral and surrounds”

San Giuseppe dei Teatini

San Giuseppe dei Teatini is a Baroque marvel of a church opposite the Fountain of Shame. It’s a colourful spectacle that shouldn’t be missed. The church, also close to the Quattro Canti, is considered one of the most outstanding examples of the Sicilian Baroque in Palermo. The church was built at the beginning of theContinue reading “San Giuseppe dei Teatini”

The Fountain of Shame!

In the heart of Palermo’s  Piazza Pretoria, stands Fontana Pretoria, the work of sculptor Francesco Camilliani in 1554 and 1555 It’s decorated with animal heads, nymphs, monsters, ornamental staircases and balustrades as well as the gods and goddesses who make up the inhabitants of Mount Olympus. However, this ornate decorative wonder was not exactly welcomed with open armsContinue reading “The Fountain of Shame!”

Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio

The church of Santa Maria dell’ Ammiraglio , commonly known as Martorana, is another ornate delight to be found overlooking Piazza Bellini. It’s a golden, glittering jewel that shimmers with a multitude of religious mosaics. The church is a mix of different cultural styles, all culminating in a glittering array of pattern and texture that bombardsContinue reading “Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio”

Sicily – chaos incarnate!

Finally getting around to document (in painfully minute detail) the latest Italian trip, this time to the island of Sicily. Sicily conquers up images of brooding Mount Etna, the shadowy tentacles of organised crime and chaotic excitement around every grimy corner. Well it certainly does chaos and grime fairly well I will freely admit! WeContinue reading “Sicily – chaos incarnate!”