Under the arches, Cordoba cathedral

The mosque of Cordoba (Mezquita de Córdoba) or the Great Mosque of Córdoba is a medieval Islamic mosque that was converted into a Roman Catholic Cathedral. Within its imposing walls is a unique blend of Moorish and Christian religious styles, reflecting the altering fortunes of the city as it was conquered and re-conquered throughout the years. The buildingContinue reading “Under the arches, Cordoba cathedral”

Into the interior – Cordoba

We decided to hire a car for a few days to explore further afield from Malaga and see what else Andalucia had to offer. First on the itinerary (in no small part due to Micheal Portillo!) is Cordoba. About a two hour drive from Malaga this incredible city has a myriad of history seeping from everyContinue reading “Into the interior – Cordoba”