About an hour’s bus journey away from Malaga is the seaside resort of Marbella. We were lucky enough to time our visit to Spain with an explosion of spring flowers. From the elaborately displayed geraniums on every wall, to exotic bell flowers and the vivid splashes of bougainvillea on every wall, it was a colourful, eyeContinue reading “Marbella”

Gibralfaro Castle, Málaga

Castle Gibralfaro is perched atop a high hill over looking Malaga. The name comes from the Moorish Jebel meaning hill and Faro meaning lighthouse. Again it’s free to visit on a Sunday so we hopped on the bus up the winding hill for some freebie sightseeing. While not as interesting as the Alcazaba there areContinue reading “Gibralfaro Castle, Málaga”

Rock the Alcazaba . . .

The Alcazaba is a palatial fortification built by the Hammudid dynasty in the early 11th century. This is the best-preserved alcazaba (from the Arabic al-qasbah meaning citadel) in Spain. There’s an abundance of beautiful Moorish architectural details including decorative archways, irrigation channels, ornate fountains and cool courtyards. I love this tiny little window arch, edged with decorative stone frills. TheseContinue reading “Rock the Alcazaba . . .”

Eden – the new paradise?

As we’re in that neck of the woods we take a return trip to the Eden Project. Near to St Austell it’s a unique attraction featuring a series of distinctive bubble shaped biodomes set in a former 160 year old china clay pit. According to the project’s website blurb the Guinness Book of Records heralds the Biomes asContinue reading “Eden – the new paradise?”