Image of the day – Bishnoi life

As promised here’s another couple of my favourite images, again from our trip to India back in in 2010 / 11. We spent new year’s day with the Bishnoi tribe in their desert home. These pictures are of the tribal elder whose lined face shows the price that his hard life has taken. The wordContinue reading “Image of the day – Bishnoi life”

Image of the day

As I’m bang upto date with all my travel adventures and waiting eagerly to head off to Valencia, I thought I would take some time to highlight some of my favourite travels  photos from the past few years. Some I have shared before, some I’ve dusted off and bought into the light for the firstContinue reading “Image of the day”

Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas Tour, Birmingham. September 8 2013

The smoothest pensioner in pop glides onto the stage and strikes a stance, legs apart, fedora tilted forward to hide his weathered, expressive face. So begins the culmination of a lifetime’s dream for me – to see the great man in person, to hear him perform songs that have haunted, sobered and uplifted me sinceContinue reading “Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas Tour, Birmingham. September 8 2013”

Valencia – an extra trip!!

Wasn’t expecting to manage to squeeze another trip in before the BIG one in December but we’ve managed it!! Found cheap flights to Valencia in Spain for October so off for five nights to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Not sure what to expect or what to see, so waiting for the obligatory guide book toContinue reading “Valencia – an extra trip!!”