A little more Quimper

Continuing our wander around Quimper we’re after food, drink and curios. Can’t beat some sugary churros and chocolate dip. So we must eat them until we are sick! We also do a spot of making the streets safer by locking up some hardened criminals. Then it’s onwards to find some quirky details such as paintedContinue reading “A little more Quimper”


The next stop on our tour of Brittany is the pretty town of Quimper. Not only is Quimper the administrative capital of the Finistère department, it is also generally regarded as the cultural heart of Brittany. The town is known for its cathedral, atmospheric old quarter and museums but most of all for its annualContinue reading “Quimper”

Candles and candies

With a history that goes back more than 2000 years, Locronan was originally a sacred place for the celts known as a ‘nemeton’. It then became an important religious centre during the middle ages, and an important centre for the manufacture of sail-cloth for the local ship-building industry during the 16th and 17th centuries. TheContinue reading “Candles and candies”


Our next Breton stop is the beautiful little village of Locronan. A shame it’s a drizzly day. This exquisite village in west Finistère occupies a long-sacred spot named after a revered Irishman who settled here in the Dark Ages. Saint Ronan is greatly venerated in Brittany. He was an Irish Christian missionary of the 6thContinue reading “Locronan”

Stone piles, old and new

Our final few glimpses of Camaret are a little on the grey, drizzly side. As it starts to really rain we pop into Notre Dame de Rocamadour, or the Church of the Fishermen. This attractive little church is situated out on the breakwater and lost its steeple to an English canon ball in 1694 duringContinue reading “Stone piles, old and new”

Continuing in Camaret

We continue to cruise the streets of Camaret, keeping eyes peels for little details around each corner. Including this fantastic mustard coloured door with delightful pastel detailing.   The man helpfully points out where we are as I am more than a little geographically challenged! Then we head towards the harbour, stopping every five secondsContinue reading “Continuing in Camaret”

Checking out Camaret

Next up on the family whirlwind tour of Brittany is Camaret. But we can’t resist stopping off at yet another little cove first! Then it’s back on the road and headed onto Camaret-Sur-Mer, a small port town. Lovers of seafood will be in their element here, at the port there are two “viviers” (holding tanksContinue reading “Checking out Camaret”

Old churches and ancient stones

On a slightly grey, overcast day we all pile into the cars for a day trip from Loctudy to Camaret. On route we stop at a traditional stone church. Here we can see some of the archetypal religious architecture that is prevalent in Brittany. There are several regional features that mark out the Breton countryContinue reading “Old churches and ancient stones”