Touristy Torremolinos

Heading back towards Malaga we stop off in the tourist mecca of Torremolinos to see what attracts so many people each year. Torremonlinos was the first Costa del Sol resort to be developed back in the early sixties when it was little more than a sleepy village. At the peak of its popularity in theContinue reading “Touristy Torremolinos”

Load of bull ..

This short post is dedicated to a thorny Spanish cultural issue – Bull fighting. I’ve always believed that part of visiting other counties is about appreciating the many varied parts of their culture and traditions. However there are always some difficulties for me when it comes to certain elements of societies that celebrate the unnecessaryContinue reading “Load of bull ..”

Spanish touches

Alongside the stunning cathedral, Alcazar and other beautiful sights to be found in Seville, there are also a wealth of tiny details to be found everywhere you look. Whether it’s the eternally fascinating, detailed alazulejo tiles that serve as everything from wine adverts to house numbers, to the old tourist posters from yester-years. Even rowsContinue reading “Spanish touches”

Splashes of Spanish colour

Some more colourful snaps of our exploration of Seville now and I am especially captivated by this vivid orange building. The yellow trim pops against the hot orange walls and the detailed traditional tiles. I also love these fragrant selections of spices that are just begging to be sniffed. Seville is packed to the hiltContinue reading “Splashes of Spanish colour”

Back to Spain

Whizzing through this year’s travels now. Next up on the trail in May was a return visit to Malaga combined with Seville and Cadiz. I’ve not got too many snaps of Malaga as it’s already been fairly well covered in previous blog posts. Being a particularly useless travel blogger today as I just can’t rememberContinue reading “Back to Spain”