Valencia – sun, markets and epic firework displays!

So blog fans, I’m back from five days in sunny Valencia, the lesser known of Spain’s main cities.

Crammed full of gorgeous architecture both old and brand spanking new, amazing food markets, botanical gardens, beaches and castles.

We stayed at the Hotel Senator Parque Central, a nice, spotlessly clean, if somewhat impersonal, hotel within walking distance of most sights.

About 20 minutes walk to the old town and same again to the city of arts and science.

Even though the weather had given it around a tepid 22 degrees, cloudy and with showers we were optimistic as I seem to attract the sun, especially as I do not want to!

Needless to say it was 30 degrees every day, cloudless and beaming sunshine!!! Que some painful leg sunburn . . . . .

First up on my list of must sees is the Central Market, one of the largest food markets in Spain with around 1,000 stalls ranging from fresh fruit and veg to spices, pastries, seafood, offal and all manner of meats.

As well as being full of food the building itself is architecturally amazing.  With blue and yellow tiling to the outside, lovely modernist stained glass and train station style metal roof arches.

Of course I was in photo heaven!! The market opens from 8am to 3pm and gets very busy on a Saturday. (closed Sundays)

Here’s some photos!

Mixed mushrooms are just one of a multitude of foodie delights!

Piles of fresh produce, grown in the farmland that surrounds Valencia, are mounds of jewel bright eye candy.

Lots of dead stuff too! Angry fish and skinned rabbits. There are endless stalls selling every conceivable animal from pig faces to sea anemones.

Hmmm don’t fancy getting too up close and personal with this pair!

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