Thirassia, a slower pace of life

Following on from our visit to the active volcano on New Burnt we carried onto the nearby hot springs where the man had a swim and permanently ruined his swimmers with smelly mud!!

Then it was onto the little island of Thirassia which is located in close proximity to Santorini.

In fact, it was once a part of the same island previously known as Stronghyle, or Strongili, which in Greek means round, because of its shape.

P1050930The volcanic eruption that happened at around 1500 B.C. broke the previously circular island into many pieces and Thirassia emerged as one and Santorini became another.


The explosion of the volcano which was in the center of the island and the greater part sunk forming today’s caldera, the largest of its kind.

All that left in the surface were segments of its perimeter which today consist of Santorini, Thirasia , and Aspronisi.


Thirassia is a small, laid back island with a scattering of beach front restaurants and Manolas, the island’s capital is accessible from the beach via a winding path.


The tiny island has only one hundred and fifty permanent inhabitants. Apart from Manolas other settlements include Korfos, Riva and Potamos.

P1050940 P1050943 P1050949

We have a couple of hours free time on the island and we opt to have a light lunch in one of the many restaurants that are strung out along the beach.


Here’s the man enjoying the sunshine with the gorgeous azure sea lapping at his feet.


There’s pretty much nothing to do on Thirassia except eat, drink and watch the world go by.

P1050950 P1050952 P1050960

Neil’s fuelled up with a gyros and heads off for a swim in the harbour.


Tempting as the blue waters are, I stay dry and warm in the restaurant, noshing on a fresh Greek salad and crusty bread.


Life doesn’t get much better than this (says my slightly cheesy / smug grin .. )

Must have been having a photogenic moment as there appears to be more than one photo of me on the island!


As there is so little to do here, there is also very little to write about ..  so just enjoy some sunny shots of the harbour.

P1050972 P1050968 P1050976

The glassy blue of the sea is so gorgeous that it looks almost fake but it’s completely filter free I promise!


Here’s one of the traditional Greecian windmills that can be found across the islands.


And here’s a final few sunsoaked images to leave you with as we bid adieu to Thirassia and to Santorini.

All in all an incredible week spent in a stunning location that I am missing already!!! Must make plans, my wandering feet are itching again . . .

P1050990 P1050996 P1050991

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