Capri and Sorrento 2012

So back to Italy, for the fourth time! Despite swearing blind last year I would never spend my hard earned money in the grumpy rude fest that is Italy, back we go! Just can’t keep away from the culture, astounding architecture and glamourous beaches. First off, the glorious wedding of a close friend in Rome. MarriedContinue reading “Capri and Sorrento 2012”

Vatican museum and the Gallery of Maps

Determined to get Neil into something cultural we head for the Vatican Museums. Well, we go round the corner from St Peters and slap bang into an EPIC queue! We stand in a queue that stretches forever, in total we probably wait about two hours to get into the Vatican museums, but I am determinedContinue reading “Vatican museum and the Gallery of Maps”

Vatican city, steps and icecream

Off to Vatican City on my non stop tourism quest. Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world by area, and also the world’s least populated. (Cheers Wikipedia, as always) First up St Peter’s Square and Basilica. St Peter’s is a late Renaissance church with the largest interior of any Christian church inContinue reading “Vatican city, steps and icecream”

Rome November 2007

Our first ever trip to Italy was way back in 2007 when we headed to the Eternal City – Rome. Catching the bus to the city from the airport I did wonder what we were going to, so much graffiti covering shop blinds and walls, it seemed more like a ghetto than a historic, beautiful city.Continue reading “Rome November 2007”