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  1. Ritsuko I. · June 22

    We can see some bunch of 枝豆(Eda-mame) at the back of this table, Eda-mame is Green soybeans, we steame or boiled them after stir with some salt 、Japanese standard snack with Beer! Of course for snack for Kids too.
    Next to bunch of Eda-mame, you can see small pouch packed by plastic, Those are 黒枝豆(Kuro-Eda-mame), Black colored Soybeans, compare to regular Green soybeans, they are expensive for their thick kind of creamy flavor and the principle of scarcity.
    Red things are bunch of 赤とうがらし(Aka-To-garashi), Red Pepper. 赤(Aka) means Red, とう(唐、To) means China, and からし(Karashi, Garashi) means as a matter of a fact, Japanese mustard, but in this case, not mastard, Chili pepper.
    Tiny bunch of 柿(Kaki), Persimmon is hanging over the wodden made stick next to scale. early for Persimmon season, then just hung over by decoration by shop staff I guess. lol.
    And small nuts are どんぐり(Don-guri), Edible Acorn, Ancient Japanese 縄文人(Jyomon-jin) usually eat Acon, but I have never eaten Acon( I was born and brought up in Tokyo, This market is southern part of the Mainland of Japan, used to be capital of Japanese history.) . If we eat Acon, we need to ged rid of harshness of Acon to soak them in full water over one night, and ged rid of the floating Acon, cause those are old and no good, just choose Acon those go under the water, and boiled and scale those husk and crush them with Paste to use make Japanese cookie etc.

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