Final trek

It’s the final few pictures from our wonderful two day trek through Sapa. We’ve conquered the humidity, the rain, the bugs, the hills and the mud!! It’s been the most amazing few days, exploring some of the most incredible scenery and wonderful people. There are about a million pictures of me like this – redContinue reading “Final trek”

SO lush and green

Welcome to another edition of ‘let’s look at green rice terraces’ . . . . I make no apologies for my boundless delight in cataloguing the delights of Northern Vietnam. It really is some of the most stunning scenery I have ever seen. The endless rice fields are broken up by the occasional little hamletContinue reading “SO lush and green”

En route to Sapa

I am finally dragged away from the fantastical Bac Ha market and we’re on our way to Sapa, our final destination for the day. Enroute we visit one of the many traditional hill tribe villages to get a sense of what life is like in the green hills around Sapa. This is Trung Do villageContinue reading “En route to Sapa”

Bustling Bac Ha

Bac Ha is one of the most colorful ethnic markets of all Northwest Vietnam. It is a fusion of the many different hill tribes that inhabit the Bac Ha mountain district and here you can easily distinguish them by their different colourful traditional clothing. I was in seventh heaven surrounded by the colourful typical traditionalContinue reading “Bustling Bac Ha”

Rocking, rolling, riding

Leaving Hanoi behind again for now we’re heading on another adventure. This time to a place I’ve wanted to see for over a decade, ever since I came back from South Vietnam, I have been obsessed with the incredible scenery of the rice terraces of Sapa. So we’re heading further North, aboard the night trainContinue reading “Rocking, rolling, riding”