Incredible India – Delhi

While I am on the topic of travel, I was fortunate enough to do some travelling in India earlier this year.

For my first ever experience of this country I decided to set us a punishing itinerary covering a huge swathe of Rajasthan then dipping into Kerela.

Flying into Delhi in December, we were head first into one of the wettest, coldest months they’d had for a few years – typical!

Here’s a wet exploration of Humayun’s tomb complex 

Some of the hundreds of school kids who mobbed me to shake my hand and say hello. Felt like a minor celeb being papped albeit only for the novelty of my lily white flesh.

We were shown the frenetic sights of Delhi courtesy of a tour arranged by Delhi Magic – a fantastic company who I can’t recommend enough.

From the serene yet damp surroundings of Humayans Tomb to the packed streets of Old Delhi, we were literally head first into a maze of colours, smells and sensations that were completely bewildering, frustrating at times but always incredible.

Rickety transport and a rather dubious looking medical facility . . .

Tasty food at Pindis where we learnt our first lesson – while samosas and bhajis might be small side dishes at home, when you order them in Delhi you literally get a platter full of each . . . no wonder they looked at us a little askance!

On our second day our assured little guide took us on the metro, whizzed us round temples and mosques.

We encountered lots of interesting characters including this gentleman taking it easy and the pensive young woman framed by an ornate window.

Then we ordered  our first ever proper Indian Thali at Haldiram’s in Delhi. Very tasty!! (Apart from the dessert which was so perfumed it was like eating toilet cleaner!! – Not to my taste)

We visit a communal kitchen at a Sikh temple in the heart of the city where they feed 100s of people every day. This woman looks suitable frazzled by the task at hand!

Next up were the amazing markets, full of hustle and bustle, food and socialising, take a look at some of the street food – fab!

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