India – Cross country car journey and beautiful Udiapur

So off we headed on the epic car journey from Delhi to Udiapur, stopping overnight in Jaipur where we would return to later.

We finally arrived, 26 hours later, just in time for sunset over the lake City of Udiapur.

Throwing our stuff into our gorgeous room at the Hibiscus guest house ( a stones throw from the beautiful lake views of the city palace and magnificent lake palace) we headed out to take some snaps of the setting sun.

It truly is an incredible place. Bustling, compact, crazy. We only wished we could stay longer. As the sun shed its last glowing golden light over the serene city place we could relax for the first time!!!

Udiapur is full of the most amazing art work covering every wall, while sacred cows meander the streets and ancient motorbikes lean against every building.

Here I am with the lake palace in the distance and some nosy locals checking us out!! Even though the journey to get here was hair raising, full of honking horns, thick fog and horrific roadworks, it was worth every minute.

We have the most AMAZING peanut curry on the roof of our lovely accommodation, lazing in cushion filled paradise – absolutely stunning, we had the most amazing stay.

The second day started off with a whistle stop tour of the gorgeous Jain temple in the town centre and a browse around the ornate lake palace before back in the car and on route to Jodphur, the blue city!!!

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