Pushkar, colourful camels and the pink City Jaipur

So we rolled onwards to Jaipur via Pushkar, home of the legendary camel fairs and Ajmer.

No fair on in Pushkar sadly when we were there, but we still spotted a few brightly coloured specimens!!!

Pushkar means Blue Lotus in Sanskrit and is a sacred town for Hindus, situated 11 kms to the North-West of Ajmer.

Hindus believe that the gods released a swan with a lotus in its beak and let it fall on earth where Brahma would perform a grand yagna.The place where the lotus fell was called Pushkar.

Delicate blue temples line the hillsides down the the ghats where devotees bathe, watched by the cheeky monkeys that line the streets and swing from every house.

A cheeky monkey watches us from his perch on a bleached out wall.

There are also fantastic, colourful markets to be seen (you may have spotted a favourite photographic theme of mine – piles of produce!!)

This mobile onion seller gives us a cheeky look and every where you look there are tiny, colourful details to be captivated by. India really is a photographic treat.

After getting snap happy with the food we were off again – Jaipur here we come!!!

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