Stuck so head to Siena

Once calm and settled in a hotel in Pisa for the extra four nights, we needed an action plan to fill the extra four days we now had.

So it was off to Siena. Here’s the shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, the town square, which houses the Palazzo Pubblico and the Torre del Mangia. 

And here’s some detail from the Cathedral.

We also visited Lucca, a walled city close to Pisa.

Finally we visited Vareggio, a nice beach resort about 20 minutes by train from Pisa. Lovely beach but the majority of it is private so be prepared to walk for miles and fight it out for a slice of the tiny public section!

P1080212 P1080215

All in all, a mixed holiday. As usual Italy was beautiful and the Italians were sullen, rude and aggressive. We saw awe inspiring monuments alongside graffiti and dog mess. We gazed at amazing art and held our noses at yet another street that stuck of piss.

Italy is an odd place, it lives and capitalises on its ancient past yet seems to have no interest in ensuring tourists ever feel welcome.

It is expensive and it is inconvenient, service is monumentally and universally atrocious, yet like gluttons for punishment we keep going back!

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