Salt flats, troglodytes & camels.

Here’s me at sunrise at Chott el Djerid, a large endorheic salt lake in southern Tunisia.

It’s an eerie, atmospheric landscape of white, green and purple that shimmers into the horizon.

garden 458

It’s an otherwordly feeling place, almost as if you’ve landed on the surface of an alien planet.

garden 459

We visited it on route to Matmata a small Berber speaking town. Some of the local Berber residents live in traditional underground “troglodyte” structures.

Here’s one of the few remaining residents.

garden 426

The structures typical for the village are created by digging a large pit in the ground.

Around the perimeter of this pit artificial caves are then dug to be used as rooms, with some homes comprising multiple pits, connected by passageways.

Here is the entrance to one of the traditional troglodyte dwellings that featured in the original Star Wars film.

We stop off to see some stunning scenery on the way to a mountain oasis and hot spring.

What a gorgeous spot for a quick spot of relaxing.

garden 474

Horse riding in the desert with the Bedouin Horsemen, shortly before my travelling companion was whisked off into the sunset!

garden 445

Now I am not a huge fan of horses so once again my photograph is somewhat marred by the look of crazy on my face.

garden 447

We also took a turn at saddling up and riding out on camels in the desert at Douz – the gateway to the Saraha.

My camel seemed to enjoy spitting at its companions and kneeling forward suddenly. Here I am in a rare, in control moment!! . .

garden 436

My travel buddy looks far more at ease on her stead than I do .  . .

garden 440

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