Overpriced but pretty

So Capri’s main attraction is the Blue Grotto, a naturally formed cave that is illuminated with a vivid blue light.

You can access the cave via one of the many boat tours around the island but you will find yourself bobbing about for ages as you have to wait (along with lots of others) for the boat men to come and pick you up.

It’s much quicker to actually walk to the blue grotto, wait on the shore in a much quicker queue and get in there quicker!

It is very expensive however – 12.5euros per person, quite a lot for what it is. But we were there so we had to see it!!

Here’s the queue of floaty boats waiting to take their turn in the grotto.

Here’s some of the vivid blue inside the Grotto.

A little way around the coastline from the Blue Grotto is a lovely little swimming spot that is popular with the locals.

Naturally the mountain goat has to throw himself off the cliff side into the sea.

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