My recommendations, in no particular order

In the interests of being helpful (for a change) I’m putting together a list of recommended accommodation, tour operators and trips.

This is based purely on my own experiences of course and what I like may not be the same as what any one else does!


From the amazing customer service of Polish company Sodispar to the seamlessly managed tours of Delhi Magic, my trips around the world have been aided by some fantastic companies and marvellous individuals.


I’ve been really lucky in that I have never had a bad hotel (some mediocre ones maybe) and I have had some truly outstanding ones.

The stylish Hotel Louren in Prague is one such place while the river rafts in Thailand were an unforgettable, electricity free, experience.


Meanwhile the Shanghai Mansion in Bangkok was the epitome of eclectic luxury.


It’s a purely subjective list and I take no responsibility for my choices!!!! But in my humble opinion they have all earned a big thumbs up from me, the grumpy traveller!!

Links to my accommodation recommendation page can be found by clicking on the little page icon at the top left hand side of the page (until I move it randomly.)

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