Street sights in Prague

Having been up high on Petrin hill we hopped on and off the fantastic little trams that pootle all around the city.

Roaming the back streets and secluded squares dotted around the city we enjoyed getting lost and stumbling across hidden gems. Here’s a selection of snaps of street scenes in Prague.

Here’s some of the lover’s padlocks on the railings overlooking Kampa Island

And lots and lots of stacking dolls – any footy team you fancy


Lots of ornate wooden copies of the beautiful astronomical clock can be found in all the shops


Absinth is a rather prominent feature of Prague – how do you fancy it, ice cream, slushie or beer?!


Artwork and traditional costume outside a Czech restaurant


We had an AMAZING pizza and to die for dessert at a little Italian restaurant hidden down a back street, took a brief  gander at the tourist stag mecca that is Wenceslas Square and also stumbled across the Czech Symphony Orchestra giving a concert to thousands!

There’s something happening around every street corner from the mundane to the comic to the soul stirringly beautiful. All in all, a phenomenal city to visit that ranks highly in my most see list.

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