Petrin Tower (or Putin Tower as Neil calls it)

Built as a mini version of the Eiffel Tower, the Petrin Observation tower was built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition.

The tower is 60m tall, which doesn’t sound that high until you realise that it sits on top of Petrin Hill, which is 318m high. (It adds up to a rather vertiginous view)

You can either walk up to the tower (nah) or take one of my favourite methods of transport – THE FUNICULAR!!!! YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS

 Even better, the funicular forms part of the Prague public transport network, so a single ticket for travel on trams, buses and the metro is also valid on the funicular.

On arrival at the top of Petrin hill you can take in some gorgeous rose gardens and sniff yourself giddy on the sumptuous rambling old roses.

Me, posing, amongst the multitude of roses.

Then you can head to the mini homage to the Parisian masterpiece – The Petrin Tower!

There’s 299 steps to the top – and the lift was out of order . .

View on the way up . .  .

But the pay off for all the huffing and puffing up the steps (wondering why no one is coming down) is the best view of Prague anywhere.

Tiny Charles Bridge.
 Tiny tower on Charles Bridge.
Well worth the exertion and heading down I realised that there was a separate staircase, spiraling like a double helix around the upward staircase, which is why I didn’t encounter any descending tourists
(Was a trifle concerned they had all passed out at the top!!!).

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