Getting excited!!!!

It’s T minus three weeks until we jet off back to Thailand for three and a half weeks of heat, humidity, temples and beaches! WOO HOO!!!

Also mossies, sunburn and heat rash . .  so OOOO NOOOO!!!!

First up we pay a return visit to the hectic, frenetic Bangkok and a second stay at the New Siam Riverside, so hoping for as good a stay as we had last time.

Then we’re flying North to Chiang Mai for more shiny cupolas and buddhas then you can shake a stick at. Plus three days jungle trekking, elephant riding, white water rafting and then bamboo rafting.

We”ll sleep out under the stars by a river for a night (Mossies are pricking up their ears .. if they have any) as well as spending an evening in a traditional jungle tribe hut too.

Then it’s a quick nip South to spend the xmas week in Phuket for some beach lolling and R and R.

Best start thinking about packing a bag, then unpacking, then repacking, then unpacking, and repeat . . .

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