Colourful Chiang Mai

After waving goodbye to frantic Bangkok we hopped on a plane north to the cooler climate of Chiang Mai. A city full of temples and the best markets in Thailand . . .woo hoo!!

We stayed in the fantastic Sakorn Residence. Set out of the centre of town, about 20 minutes walk from the markets and Tha Pae gate.

Large, beautiful but simple rooms over look a nice pool area and the staff are adorable!!

First things first. I had heard about the EPIC markets that Chiang Mai had to offer. (like you didn’t see that one coming!)

To whet your appetite here’s a few of the colourful sights we saw on our first night (fear not, there are PLENTY more to come!)

Here a market trader cuts sugar cane at Tha Pae Gate in readiness for shoppers with sweet cravings.

There are several different markets to try. The main ones are the Saturday market, the Sunday walking market and the night market. Plus there’s the less touristy places such as Worarot Market, the main  local market.

The huge, sprawling Sunday walking market on Th Ratchadamnoen  is an immense, crazy sight with hundreds of stalls selling everything from snacks to clothes, wooden carvings to a rainbow of textiles. It is a great showcase for local arts and crafts.

Many stalls sell the vibrant, beautiful textiles and crafts of the tribes who live in the hills outside of Chiang Mai.

There are six main groups of hill tribe people — the Akha, Lahu, Karen, Hmong (or Miao), Mien (or Yao) and Lisu living in Northern Thailand.

Carved soaps are another colourful gem of a souvenir.  Fragrant and delicate. I wanted to lick them . .

A psychedelic splash of colour on every street corner makes you need one of absolutely everything in every shade!!

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