Long tail Thai boats

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One of the prettiest beach spectacles are lines of traditional Thai longtail fishing boats all bobbing in the shallows.

P1090491Garlanded with colourful flowers to bring the skipper and crew good luck they are a ubiquitous sight on many Thai beaches.

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Now often used to ferry boatloads of tourists around the islands, these lovely wooden vessels always make for fantastic photos.

Here’s the line up of boats at Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Leh.


The colourful ribbons provide a vivid contrast to the almost unreal turquoise of the tranquil seas.


The boats are basically a tractor engine with an extra long prop shaft that acts as a rudder as well. They produce a distinctive sound as they bomb across the sea.

They can produce quite a cloud of smoke though and do contribute to the pollution of the area.


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