Bratislava Castle

One of the most prominent structures in the city is Bratislava Castle.


Sat 85 metres (279 ft) above the Danube. The “upside down table” as it is affectionately known by locals, is an imposing glaringly white block.


You can see it from most places as it looms, in an almost affectionate way, over the town .

The castle was converted into a Gothic anti-Hussite fortress under Sigismund of Luxemburg in 1430, became a Renaissance castle in 1562 and was rebuilt in 1649 in a baroque style.

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In 1811, the castle was destroyed by fire and lay in ruins until the 1950s  when it was rebuilt mostly in its former Theresian style.


As usual we whisked around the outside but refused to pay to go in! I have a lot of exterior memories of places . . .

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