Portabello Road

One of my favourite places in London is the hectic, bustling Portabello Road and its markets.


From antiques to food, vintage fashion to costume jewelry, it’s another shopping (and happy snappers) delight.


Whether you’re after a refreshing drink of coconut water, some eye wateringly pricey fungi or just fancy indulging in a little pastry heaven, you’re bound to find it in this crowded, sprawling shoppers paradise.

10626624_10152266931342353_6529270554096275271_n 10659240_10152266938742353_8978744742416247816_n10620796_10152266931257353_8447479978058560975_n 10570274_10152266931647353_4180950702390966817_n

I was a woman on a mission, after some hand carved wooden print blocks to display in my printer’s case. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t get totally sidetracked by other shiny lovely (tasty)things!

This time it included my FIRST EVER taste of a macaroon (lemon) – gorgeous (fitted in my mouth whole) – amazing!


And the discovery of a side shop stacked high with door knobs *quivers with excitement*


There’s hand knitted Rastafarian hats, hot hot chillies and every conceivable trimming, feather and sequin on the haberdashery stall.

10615981_10152266941507353_3183387196249853765_n 994140_10152266941772353_2137170368324719178_n 10628560_10152266948667353_4491237501634394122_n


Not to mention Paella, continental cakies and quiches. My stomach is grumbling just thinking about it. (Salivating as I type).

10432932_10152266943272353_6697247322847986574_n 10420063_10152266948817353_6634715631897301107_n 10410700_10152266948567353_8341065273415239209_n

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