All the small stuff . .

In amongst all the huge, world changing headlines, the Daily Express carried some small stories, which while not as earth shattering as the main articles, give tiny flavours of daily life in amongst epic change.

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Fashion conscious ladies accessorised their gas masks with lace veils and matched the cases to their clothes while everyday events such as births and marriages carried on apace.


Life goes on, albeit with minor alterations for the plucky citizens of Britain! Whether it’s wryly poking fun at the German war monger or observations on the “best blackout”.

P1180862 P1180864

However, in amongst the levity, even the smallest stories show how life is changing, including this piece about the future of zoo animals following the announcement of war. Each piece evokes little moments and decisions that you would never even think about.


There’s still time to be educational, including this brief lesson on how to pronounce the names of the, up until then, unfamiliar Polish towns that would soon come to dominate the news.

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But war is never far from even the smallest news item, whether its petrol rationing, nationalising of rail waggons or the monitoring of the enemy within – the registration of any Germans who choose to stay resident in the UK.


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