Beautiful Brixham

Our cosy caravan home from home was situated just above the lovely little town of Brixham.


It is thought that the name ‘Brixham’ came from Brioc’s village. ‘Brioc’ was an old English or Brythonic personal name and ‘-ham’ is an ancient term for village.

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The sunshine came out in force for our trot around the little village. Flotilla’s of boats bobbed on the water and my favourite little turnstones were flocking around looking for easy snacks.


In the Middle Ages, Brixham was the largest fishing port in the south west of England. Known as the ‘Mother of Deep-Sea Fisheries’, its boats helped to establish the fishing industries of Hull, Grimsby and Lowestoft.

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According to random fact manufacturer Wikipedia, in the 1890s, there were about 300 trawling vessels in Brixham, most of which were individually owned.


Its harbour is still a bustling place with plenty of activity.

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One of the main tourist attractions is the replica of Sir Francis Drake’s ship the Golden Hind that is permanently moored there.


You can take a little tour around the ship if you fancy yourself as a bit of a mariner.

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Alternatively you can just take a stroll along the habour and enjoy the fishing tackle, or take a ferry over to Torquay for the day.

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That’s it for Devon folks. Next up I’ll be detailing my latest trip, a family holiday to the sunny Algarve.

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