Enchanting Emporio

The final village on our whistle stop day tour around Santorini is the gorgeous little Emporio.

It takes its name from the Greek word for “trade” (Emporeio) and for centuries was the traditional trade centre of Santorini.

From the main road Emporio might seem like any normal, fairly bland modern town but head up to the traditional, fortified old village and you’re in for a treat!


Emporio is the largest village of the island with all the Greek elements you could wish for –  windmills on the top of the hills, narrow streets painted in white, blue domed churches, a cathedral, a medieval castle and a pagan church dating back to the 3rd century B.C.

P1050713 P1050714 P1050715

Once you reach the traditional old section of the village you are spoilt for choice in which little inviting alley to explore first. As usual I get completely side tracked by a delightful selection of blue hued doors . . .

P1050720 P1050719 P1050722

Here’s a few more snaps from some of the twisty alleyways of this gorgeous little village.

P1050725 P1050731 P1050734

We find a fab little watering hole in the centre of the old village, The Old Barbershop. We have the place to ourselves and enjoy a relaxing beverage as the sun starts to drop low.

P1050736 P1050748 P1050739

Next up we beetle around the incredible old Castle at the heart of the old village that is currently in the process of being restored and is a maze of twisting passageways and tiny hobbit hole doors.

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