Praia do Guincho

On our way to our next destination of Cascais we pass through some incredible, gorgeous rugged beaches so we stop to take a look.

This wonderful wilderness of sand and sea is Praia do Guincho. A well known surfers paradise.


The road literally runs between the sand dunes and the view is so enticing you just have to stop and get out.


Praia do Guincho is exposed to the ferocity of the Atlantic Ocean and combined with the constant wind makes the beach ideal for surfing, kite surfing and wind surfing.


As the beach experiences an almost constant breeze this is not the beach for sun bathing or relaxing but it is a place to feel the ferociousness of the ocean in all its glory.

It’s a beautiful place to get your worries blown away (almost literally!)

After a breezy hour or so we’re back on the road and on the way to Cascais, our final stop of the trip.


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