Shopping streets

A meander down some winding little shopping streets now as we head to our next destination.

The man tries out his first vending machine – a ubiquitous sight on literally every street corner in Japan.

Masks face a huge part in Japanese culture and can be found for sale everywhere. Above are examples including Hyottoko – a lucky spirit with a funny face and Okame his female counterpart.

There’s also a Kitsune (fox) mask. a According to Japanese traditions, foxes are thought to be the messengers of the goddess Inari.

Zany packaging creates eye popping displays and cartoon mascots are a common sight.

We don’t have a clue what’s on offer but the shops are so inviting, especially the gorgeous traditional wooden shack below.

I am an avid lover of Kanji, it’s so beautiful and elevates even the most mundane of adverts into mysterious looking works of art for the casual observer.


Next up is kitchen town! Prepare for plastic food picture galore!!

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