Oh Osaka!

It’s the final stop of our epic trip now. The colourful, hectic city of Osaka.

Chockablock full of insane colour and oversized sushi, dragons and puffer fish.

Even death is in on the selling action – in this case flogging some form of sweet treat.

But forget all that, I spot the MOST EPIC, MOST JAPANESE THING EVER!! Hello kitty roadworks . .. it just doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Everything is Kawaii in Japan. Whether it’s kitten vending machines or food packaging.

For a change I stick my head through this advertising board. The man refused . . .

Historically a merchant city, Osaka has also been known as the “nation’s kitchen”and served as a centre for the rice trade during the Edo period.

Food still plays a huge part in the commercial, and social, fabric of the city.

Still lots more to come from this quirky city including a department store with its own ferris wheel!!!

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