Winery tour

The man has always wanted to tour a vineyard and winery and we get the chance at a cute little winery on the Isle of Wight.


Rosemary’s Vineyard is one of the largest producers of English Wine and covers 30 acres. Below is some old technology for grape squishing!

The vineyard’s shop offers tastings of some of their delicious beverages including honeyed wines, ciders and fruity liqueurs.  (if you can get anywhere near the samples!)

We have a little mosey around the distillery too, below the man demonstrates the scale of the vats.

Sticky labels ready to go and oak pupitres – Pupitre is a Spanish word but they are often known as ‘riddling racks’ which help remove the yeast sediment during the fermentation process.

Back in the shop we eye up the rows of golden, honey flavoured wines. I buy the obligatory magnet and the man stocks up on ciders!

The vineyard was planted in 1986 and covers 30 acres at almost 60 feet above sea level.

We finish up with one of the largest, most calorific cream teas we have ever had! Check out the scone on that!


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