Crazy Kos

Diving straight into our next holiday now *advance warning – we managed four this year.*

(I am aware that sounds very middle class and terrible but we do make big sacrifices in order to travel . . . beans on toast for weeks on end anyone?!!)

This time we opt for a cheap and cheerful package deal to Kos in July. Now this is unusual for us in several ways.

a) We don’t do packages as we prefer to be flexible and see more of a place than is usually possible with package hols

b) We avoid summer holidays as it’s usually too hot (for me) and too expensive (for the man)! But hey, we like to break our own rules sometimes  ..

Plus it was my birthday and I was grumpy so we decided to pick a cheap last minute deal. Needless to say this did not quite work out as we had planned . . . . .

Due to a variety of factors, instead of ending up in the cheap and cheerful room only hotel we’d booked, we ended up in a five star, adults only spa hotel complete with its own private beach!!!

Now usually I don’t do posts on hotels or accommodation as it’s very subjective what people like when it comes to where they stay but on this occasion I can make an exception as a) we didn’t pay for it! and b) it was AWESOME!!

So the story of how we ended up in the Diamond Delux hotel in Kos is as follows . . .

After arriving late (midnight) into Kos due to a delayed flight we were dropped off at our original destination to the horror of an obviously stressed receptionist who rather brusquely told us to “sit there” and pointed at a table with another couple already waiting.

As the rest of the couch were checked in and taken to their rooms it dawned on us that there were no more keys behind the front desk and clearly the hotel had overbooked us.

We were finally told that yes, there was no room at the inn, and that a taxi was coming to take us to a different hotel for two days then we would come back.

By this time we just wanted  to sleep but were quite worried about where we might end up.


But imagine our surprise when the taxi pulled up in front of THE swankiest hotel we had ever seen . .in fact one we had ooohed and aahhed over from the coach window!

It was the Diamond Dulux hotel and we were to stay for two days (upgraded to B & B no less) and then return to our original hotel. However in the end we were allowed to stay for the entire week! RESULT!

Now we have never, and will probably never again, stayed in a five star resort and good grief how the other half live.

It is no exaggeration to say that a night in the room we were put in should have cost the same as we had paid for our entire weeks holiday . . fluke!

The hotel has its own private beach across the road and the biggest pool I have ever seen in my life. And breakfast was ridiculous, there was even a smoothie station where a staff member would make you your own custom drink!

We even got champagne on my birthday morning . . it’s easy to see why people get hooked on luxury!

The hotel even has its own lovely little chapel that holds weddings plus out door jacuzzi pools and a spa (we couldn’t use that though, that was extra!)

I did mention (cynic that I am) to the man that we don’t get this lucky and we would pay for this one way or another, little did either of us realise how that phrase would come back to haunt us later on during our stay . .


But for now we are giddy with delight and totally overwhelmed by our rare stroke of fortune, it’s not often that lady luck smiles on us so we’re making the most of it!!

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